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American Lawn Mower Company brands are sold at most big box retailers, co-ops, online retailers, and many small hardware stores across America, Canada, and the world. American Lawn Mower is the creator of Earthwise, Great States, Yardwise, and Zombi Power Tools as well as license the Scott's brand.

American Lawn Mower Company - Established 1895

Our history goes back over 120 years. From the Victorian era to World War II to the second suburban boom of the 1970s, we’ve been around for nearly every industrial revolution in America. Our story is what makes Earthwise so wise. From day one, we built the business around providing a cleaner and greener option for maintaining America’s lawns.


Earthwise - The Clean Air Choice

To continue our commitment to being the 'clean air choice' for america we wanted to be sure we not only appealed to those with small lawns perfect for reel mowers, but those with larger lawns and an appetite for powerful lawn tools.


Yardwise - For The Perfect Lawn

The tools to give your lawn a neat, clean appearance.


Zombi Power Tools - All season Lawn & Garden Resurrection

Zombi Power Tools offers high performance 58 volt lithium ion battery Chainsaws, Hedge Trimmers, Leaf Blowers, String Trimmers and more. Huge 4Ah batteries standard on most products.


Great States - Make Your Lawn Proud

Great States reels snip the grass, cutting each blade like a pair of scissors. There is no ripping or tearing, it’s a precise, clean cut that makes for a greener, healthier and more attractive lawn.