Reel Mower FAQ's

  • How does a Reel Mower cut grass?

    A reel mower has rotating blades that pull a small amount of grass into the cutter bar blade as it moves forward into the grass.
  • How is cutting the grass different from a reel mower to a rotary mower?

    Think of cutting grass with a pair of scissors, that is the technique of a reel mower. A rotary mower uses a highspeed blade to chop off the top section of grass.
  • My reel mower cannot cut through tall grass.

    Reels will have difficulty cutting tall grass if it is wet or drooping over. Most dry grasses can be cut even if 4 inches high.
  • How often should I cut with a reel mower?

    Depending on the rate of growth you should cut before it is more than an inch taller than the last time.
  • My grass is wet, will a reel mower still cut?

    Reels work best when the grass is dry and not drooping over.
  • How do I adjust the cutting height of my reel mower?

    There are two ways to adjust your cutting height. The first is to adjust either the roller assembly or trailing wheels up and down. The second is to adjust the reel, higher or lower on the wheels. Review owner's manual for these adjustments.
  • How many cutting heights are there on a reel mower?

    Depending on your model you can have anywhere between 9 and 36 different cutting heights.
  • My reel is hard to push.

    Some surface rust does form on the blades and cutting bar. A light coat of WD-40 sprayed on those surfaces should "loosen" up the cutting action. If the grass is high first, try reducing the width of the path you are cutting. Or increase the cutting height and after cutting at that height cut again at your desired height.
  • After mowing some blades of grass do not get cut.

    Unlike a rotary mower if the grass does not get captured by the blades they will not get pulled into the cutting bar. A second pass maybe required.
  • I have made several passes with my reel and blades are still not being cut.

    Your yard over time will be trained to be cut by a reel. The more cuts will even these blades all out. To check if your mower is still in adjustment make sure the blades cut paper all across the cutter bar. If your mower has been knocked out of adjustment consult your owner's manual.
  • Do the clippings need to be raked up?

    Like any other mower the clippings will decompose and add nutrients back into your lawn.
  • Do I need to add grease every year to the bearings?

    The bearings should not require any grease even after many years of use.
  • Can I hose off the reel after use to clean off the grass and dirt?

    To prevent any rusting, it is best to use a leaf blower or brush to clean off the mower.
  • My mower does not cut the grass at all.

    More than likely your cutting bar has been knocked out of alignment. It will need to be realigned. Consult your owner's manual.
  • The mower is not cutting the grass that well.

    Your blades are sharpened at the factory. However, after several years they may need to be sharpened. You can get a sharpening kit SK-1 from American Lawn Mower.
  • How much does a reel mower weigh?

    Depending on the size they weigh between 19 pounds and 39 pounds.
  • What reel mower is best for my yard/grass?

    For most yards/grasses a reel mower with 4 or 5 blades will give you a great cut.
  • If I push faster the blades spin faster is this better for cutting?

    You do not want to push too slowly. The mower is designed to cut at a good walking speed.
  • My grass is tall, and I can still push the reel but difficult, do I need to raise the cutting height?

    In some case's you can raise the height. Try to cut only 1/2 the width of the reel at a time so you do not have resistance across all the blade. Also make the shortest (distance) cut that you can make, do not try to cut the full length of your yard.
  • How do I store my reel during the winter?

    Make sure the mower is clean from all clippings and dirt, a damp cloth can get off any build up. For the blades and cutting bar, take wax (a household candle will do) and run it along the edge of each blade and cutting bar. The wax coating will help protect from moisture. In the spring push the mower as usual and the wax will come off.
  • Is it difficult to assemble?

    Assembly requires no tools (but are optional) and should take less than 10 minutes after reviewing the owner's manual.
  • Which reel is best for me? 4 blade, 5 blade or 7 blade.

    Each one of our reels are designed under the same principal of a helix bend put into the blade to give maximum cut when coming in contact with the cutting bar and least amount of resistance requiring less pushing force.
    • 4 Blade, is best on lighter yards. May get bogged down on very heavy think lawns.
    • 5 Blade, is best on thicker lawns as its 10 inch wheels create superior revolution of the blades.
    • 7 Blade, is also best on thicker lawns (10 inch wheels) but given the extra two blades creates greater momentum of the blades and has also been described as best to cut creeping grass and to maintain a very short cut. It also gives the most even cut.