Great States 16 Inch Manual Reel Mower Review

Great States 16 Inch Manual Reel Mower Review


My old, gas powered, push mower was on its last legs, and I really wanted to try out a reel mower instead of another gas mower. So this year, I bought this 16" Great States Reel Mower to see how I liked it. It's been great so far!

It's so much quieter and cleaner to use than the old gas mower, and it's just as easy to use. It' doesn't throw grass & rocks everywhere, so you could safely have kids or pets out with you while you were cutting. You also don't have to listen to an obnoxious engine or breathe in gross fumes. It's quiet enough that the neighbors across the street will barely hear you using it.

Our house sits on a .25 acre lot, so it's not huge, but it's not small either. If it was any bigger, I would go with a 20" wide reel mower. And if I was the type that only cut grass when it was absolutely necessary or when the neighbors started complaining, then this mower probably wouldn't be the best fit. But since our yard only takes about 50 minutes or so to cut, and since I cut it at least once a week, it's been the perfect, time tested, eco-friendly machine I've been looking for.

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