Scotts 18" Manual Ultra Silent Reel Mower

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The Scotts ultra cut reel mower is a great solution for homeowners with small yd or parts of your yd that you want to keep looking green & healthy. The silent, sharp, persicion blades comes within a hair of the steel cutting bed making this reel mower the quietest & cleanest way to cut your lawn. Reel mowers don’t produce emissions or make noise, just the clean, quiet cut of the reel mower. Rotary mowers hack at grass blades, tearing vital fluids from them & leaving them open to disease & insect attacks. Reels snip the grass, cutting each blade like a pair of scissors which leave your lawn healthier & greener. This reel features a spider 5-blade ball bearing reel, front grass deflection, ergonomic padded v-shape handle, & cutting height adjustments from 1" - 3".

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Proposition 65 Warning for California residents