YardWise 21" Manual Sweep It! Lawn Sweeper

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With the Yardwise Sweep it you will save time and your back while cleaning up your lawn. The easy to push sweeper will pick up leaves, lawn trimmings, twigs, and other debris. Using a rake to clean your yard can be hard work and very time consuming. With the Yardwise Sweep it all you need to do is push this light weight sweeper and with the easy to remove 26-gallon Hopper makes it easy to empty and keep on moving. The Sweep it is the simple solution for keeping your lawn clean.

  • Easily way to pick up leaves, twigs, and debris from your lawn
  • 26-gallon Removable Hopper Bag
  • Folds and Hangs Easily for Storage
  • 21-inch Wide Sweep Path
  • Lightweight and easy to push with adjustable height settings

Parts/Kits & Accessories Manual
Proposition 65 Warning for California residents