The Earthwise SN74022 is solely designed to provide homeowners with the perfect solution to go through thick layers of snow in a matter of hours.

Ever since I had laid my hands on this beast, it has been a part of my company’s arsenal to fight the lawn damaging effects of harsh winters.

With a powerful motor and a reliable auger design, the Earthwise SN74022 is one of the most popular snow clearing tools in the market today.

And in my review today, I will be going over what makes this amazing snow blower/thrower such an invaluable machine for lawn care.

Earthwise Cordless Snow Thrower Review 2020: So what makes the SN74022 so very special?

Better power and control

The Earthwise SN74022 comes with a brushless 40-volt motor along with a 4 Ah battery, which significantly improves the overall performance of the tool.

It allows the thrower to be capable of easily handling the toughest of snow clearing jobs around the house, may it be in your lawn or even the front driveway.

It has an amazing clearing width as well, and the 22-inch size and 12-inch depth makes quick work of thick snow beds and gets large fields cleaned up in a matter of hours.

Reliability and control

The amazing and unique design of the augers is what makes this thrower so very reliable and a great companion for any lawn care enthusiast.

The blades are made to lift over 600 pounds of snow per minute and then throw them up and out at a 30-degree angle. The wheels make transporting the thrower easier as well as improving on the mobility and storage capabilities because of the compact build.

Allows one to work in the dark

One thing that not a lot of snow blowers/throwers provide is an LED lighting system with the tool.

However, Earthwise is one of the few companies which does, and the SN74022 is provided with a duo of bright LED lights.

There are often times when I have to work late into the night during some tough snow removal jobs, and this lighting system comes incredibly handy then.

Shoot the snow out into the curb

Now, snow throwing force is something which I find to be one of the most important features of snow throwers.

And as I have mentioned before, the specific design of the Earthwise augers helps the SN74022 to lift up more than 600 pounds of snow per minute.

To be able to discharge the snow effectively and efficiently, the SN74022 is designed to produce a lot of throwing force.

I was able to clear pathways and discharge the snow onto the curb with little to no effort.

The clearing width, along with the power of the augers, is precisely what makes the Earthwise SN74022 the perfect pick for professional jobs.

The outlet chute is adjustable as well, and I just love how I am able to customize the angle of the chute in any desired direction and meet the requirements of any job.

Start Alternatives

As the Earthwise SN74022 is also battery-powered, I often leave the extension cord behind at the storage shed and avoid being constantly annoyed by a trailing cord which often limits mobility, and it may not allow you to maneuver the thrower the way you want it to.

Hence, the option to go absolutely cordless helps out a lot under such circumstances.

What could have been better?

What honestly disappoints me the most about the Earthwise SN74022 is the pair of wheels that it comes with.

Sure, it improves the overall mobility of the thrower on light snow beds, but when the snow layers are thick and rough, the wheels tend to get stuck.

It would be significantly better if the wheels were thicker with better grip and snow treading potential.

Final Thoughts

If you’re in the market looking for a reliable snow thrower to clean up your driveway and yard with, then Earthwise might have the perfect model for you.

Earthwise SN74022 is one of the most versatile snow throwers today which perfectly meets the requirements of both professional and domestic users.

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